• Why Synacy?
    Synacy provides a work environment that encourages performance, rewards initiative, and ingenuity.
    We’ve always done things based around merit and logic and are looking for people that are passionate about what they do.
  • How long will the program be?
    Once you get past the recruitment process, the training assessment will be around two weeks with the Synacy programming team to assess your coding skills and your cultural fit. If you pass the first phase, you will then go to the more intensive bootcamps for two more weeks. After passing all the evaluations, you will become a full-time Synacy Graduate Software Engineer.
  • Will I be paid if I get a training offer?
    Yes. We will also provide lunch and caffeine needs.
  • I am not from Cebu but am willing to relocate, can I apply?
    Yes, we accept applications from all over the Philippines. However, you should be available for all the interviews (via Skype, usually) and be ready to fly to Cebu for the assessments and after the bootcamps should you qualify.
  • I am not a fresh graduate, can I still apply?
    If you have less than two years of experience, you are eligible to apply for the program. But if you have more than that, please consider applying for our more senior job roles.
  • What if I am not an IT or CS graduate?
    We accept applications from various backgrounds regardless of college major or educational attainment as long as you have the skill set that we are looking for that are required to make it through the evaluations.
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