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A unique blend of classroom and work-based training with a chance for permanent appointment

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Who are we?

We're Synacy, a technology company.

We create and operate web applications that are used all across the world, with customers in Australia, North America, Asia, and Europe.

Our software engineers are based in Cebu City and Makati City. As we are part of a larger group, there are opportunities to specialise on specific projects and technologies.

Why Synacy?

We believe in finding people who are the perfect mix of skill and ingenuity. We encourage people to take initiative, explore new ideas, and lead their colleagues.

We give a lot of leeway to our teams to decide their way of approaching problems while providing everything needed including the right technology, food, coffee, and flexible working hours.

Why this program?

This program is competitive, dynamic, and uniquely combines classroom training and real world environment, and we cover all training expenses plus an allowance. Due to the small intake, it gives a lot of potential for participants to shape their own learning.

It gives opportunities to those who want to operate within a larger engineering group that employs agile methodologies in a flat organisational structure without strict roles.

The Program
Best Practices
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Java Fundamentals Bootcamp
Training Assessment
Frameworks Bootcamp
Web Bootcamp
Learning Synacy Projects
Job Role Assessment
Training Perks


We aim to make your job easier by providing you with the right devices, hardware and software with specifications of your preference.


We are a unique group of people whose interests range from sports, online RPGs, and art, among others. The more diverse the group, the more room for personal and organizational growth.


Here, we understand that we do not know everything and that it is always good to expose ourselves to new materials and different environments.

Application Process
Who You Are
  1. You’re one of the best amongst your peers
  2. You create things, tinker, hack, and have initiative
  3. You like to learn and you’re eager to listen to others
  4. You’re flexible, can work in a team and on your own
  5. Your idea of being better is against the old version of yourself
What You Have
  • Solid foundation of Fundamentals in Programming
  • Working knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • Focus on usable and maintainable code
  • Fearless in code refactoring
  • Willing to leverage existing code
  • Good understanding on Object Oriented Concept
  • Working knowledge of Test Driven Development
  • Bonus Points: J2EE, Hibernate, JSON, Selenium, Tomcat, JBoss, JIRA, Spring, JSP, JSF, Struts, AJAX, PL/SQL, etc.
  • Any programming or IT related certifications
Your future colleagues

What I like most about mentoring is when you see the growth of the team which I think is rewarding. You see that people are learning from each other. People don't just blindly follow suggestions or practices, but instead try to understand the reason behind it.

Program Mentor
Senior Software Engineer

The program gave me the opportunity to grow more in the field of Software Engineering. You learn how to work with teams to produce high-quality software and learn skills such as automated software testing, design patterns, and various frameworks.

PUP - Manila, BSCS
Synacy Graduate Program Batch 1
Software Engineer II

Synacy further equipped me to pursue my programming career. Here, you're free to do anything as long as it benefits the company - from managing your own tasks, voicing out impediments, and calling for help whenever you're stuck with something.

UP - Cebu, BSCS
Synacy Graduate Program Batch 2
Software Engineer II

I got a good grasp on OOP, Best Coding Practices, and Test Driven Development. With that knowledge and experience, my programming skills transitioned from novice to advanced. I am also grateful that the program provided mentors who are willing and happy to share advanced techniques in Software Development.

Synacy Graduate Program Batch 1
Software Engineer III

The training is a good combination of lectures and laboratory - so you are fed with concepts and get to apply them in your workstation through a series of exercises. The graduate program is something that I would greatly recommend to anyone, especially fresh graduates, who want to improve their skills in programming enterprise applications.

UC - Banilad, BSIT
Synacy Graduate Program Batch 2
Software Engineer III

We encourage people to go full stack. It allows our engineers to understand the whole picture and learn more. We review each other's work and I think that process pushes people to be more receptive and at the same time critical of others’ work. We allow exploration and committing minor mistakes and treat them as learning experiences.

Program Mentor
Senior Software Lead
Technologies You'll Use
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